Kingfeels installs solar mounting on a manufacturing plant in Thailand.

January 21, 2020

After the overall successful installment of solar mounting with roof renovates in Dubai, Korea, Lebanon and Spain, Kingfeels Energy recently accomplished a precative roof mounting project in Thailand.


Kingfeels Energy installed 1,116 Hanwha Q-Plus L-G42 350W panels on the factory on Thailand, The system is rated at 385 kW DC, has 5 inverters and is designed to generate approximate 829,100 kWh per year.


“ We are really delight that the addition of solar panels and mounting system is comprehensively integrated with the roof with a roof renovation,” says Yaxiong Li, senior manger of oversea market at Kingfeels energy tech. “Once our clients give their requirements to the project, we will give the most appropriate scheme for them and continue to negotiate with them until everything is perfectly done.” Providing the prime service and product is the perpetual value of Kingfeels energy tech, this core value shall keep Kingfeels to offer better products in the future.


The original trapezoid metal roofing on the plant was recovered by the special metal roofing material. Solar panels were attached to the new roofing using HK-S0 series clamps.


“Kingfeels has been a respected and premier aluminium products and solar mounting product manufacturer for two decades,’’ says Telu Zhang, founder and CEO of ShuangHeng group. “Just like Aluminum solar racket, the reason why we could remain the existing market share is via setting the highest standards of quality and integrity for themselves and for their customers and vendors. The relationship between Kingfeels and our clients is not only trade partner, but close friends, industry advocates, allies and activists. I am sure we both look forward to the nest one.”


A variety of HK series products were used in attaching the rail to the standing seam roofing, including HK-C01 clamp, specifically designed to fit profiles with trapezoid metal roof configuration, and HK-S0 series clamps, which are made for attaching to standing seam roof profiles.


In addition, the L feet and HK-CU clamps amd HK-C0 were also used. The TR series triangle bracket are comprised of pre-assembled components to save time and money that require the use of only one tool for installation. All parts are made of non-corrosive aluminum and stainless steel and install with the module to reduce layout time.


Kingfeels standing seam system does not have male and female seams so the panels are non-directional and can be installed left to right, right to left or even center to right or left. In addition to installation benefits, symmetrical panels offer easy individual panel removal and replacement for easy plenum access. Panels can even be re-installed, requiring only the purchase and installation of a new cap. The convenience and flexibility of Kingfeels aluminium solar mounting products has made the product suitable for all roof and ground profiles.